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Yeah i was thinking thats why it could do two things

1st steal ideas from Second life. When people get paid, the person paying them has to have money to begin with. Unless its a server thing like *stand here for 5 mniutes* but thats to get people flowing around the malls or whatever. Then there are games and whatnot you can win to make a few bucks. I dont think Sony will ever let us make our own things for HOME and pay to upload it so i think thats out of the question.

2 Have it completely built around advertisers. Quests are set up for advertisers to show off a new game, like watch the trailer at the end of the trail, or something. They could do a couple things with that and Sony would make money still as the companies pay to have things based on them if its succesful. Must remember it would be changing all the time, so one quest wouldnt be giving out millions of home bucks, just last for like the morning of one day and thats it its over. Similar to Rock Band online, certain contests or game modes only last 2 or 3 hours.
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