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The graphics card on my Alienware laptop is pretty much gone, and being a laptop that means the motherboard goes with it. I got the Alienware laptop before Dell bought them, so it wasn't just a fancy overpriced Dell computer yet.

I call Alienware (not Dell) and tell them "this is the problem, this is what I need, Im IT certified to do it" yatta yatta, the guy turns around and starts telling me to troubleshoot it from the begining. "plug it in, check this" and I straight up tell him "I already did all of that crap, i just need the part! I dont need it replaced or sent in, I just need to buy the part because its not sold through third parties" So he says hang on and directs me to the "right" person.

5 minutes of waiting a lady answers, and tries to do the same exact thing. However when i tell her ive done it and dont need help, she gets all mad and starts yelling at me. Then I get this "We are sorry, we dont service Alienware computers that were made before the Dell purchase, you must contact Alienware." I reply "I was originally with Alienware, they sent me to you, all i need is the damn part or how to replace it correctly." She hangs up on me. Doesnt say anything, just straight up hangs up on me.

I call the Alienware guy and be like "Ok i was here before, you sent me to a lady that didn't know **** and she said Dell wont service my computer because Im an Alienware customer" yatta yatta, he says sorry whatever. Then he starts trying to persuade me to return the computer to Alienware and "upgrade" to another one, I said no like 10 times. Then he goes (this is like 2 hours after constant stupidity) "we cant send out parts like that, but you can try computer stores to find something" (even though 2 hours ago I told him no one sells it!) and then (this is the big one) he asks for my customer number and if im still under warrenty, and If im not then he has to charge me 50 bucks for him telling me its a "motherboard issue." I laughed and hung up.

Moral of this story, Dell has completely screwed Alienware. I had a keyboard and charger issue before they bought them out, they sent out new parts that day with no questions asked.
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