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Originally Posted by X_Racer1 View Post
Before I get into what I might pre-order I would like to mention to everyone here to avoid double-posting, the forum has a edit button for a reason. Anyway somewhat back on topic, I definitely won't be getting MAG (too much of a disappointment for me to consider spending the limited funds I have), Battlefield: Bad Company 2 while it wasn't a disappointment, it also wasn't that amazing to me either and with BioShock 2, ModNation Racers, Heavy Rain, God of War III, 3D Dot Game Heroes (North American release) and others just asking for my cash I can't justify buying Battlefield.
Yeah MAG feels a little like SOCOM confrintation without a headset! plus dude 60% of PS3 dont have headsets!

I have bioshock 2 ready but got to try and fit it in with GOW 3 and i love god of war.
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