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Starhawk Outed?

Well we've been hearing rumors for awhile now that Warhawk would be getting a sequel, mostly likely made by Lightbox and Lightbox's founder has been recently saying he can't wait to talk about their teams latest project but if a source is to be believed, we already have the details.

First off the game will indeed be called Starhawk and will be shipping as a Blu-Ray disc (and as a PlayStation 3 exclusive) with no word on a PSN release being possible. Second the game will be unveiled before E3 rolls around, most likely sometime in Mat and third, in terms of gameplay it will be similar to Warhawk with jeeps, APCs, tanks, and now, spaceships.

Also there's a small tidbit concerning gameplay:
" cannot fly from a planet into space. Some maps are set on a planet, with dogfights taking place in the air, while others are in space, with small areas for ground combat. The game is still set in another universe, so Earth will not feature."

Finally, while Starhawk will feature and be centered on a multiplayer campaign, unlike Warhawk, it will have a single player campaign as well. Overall if it all turns out to be true, Starhawk could definitely be a game to watch out for.
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