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did anyone have any version of the gameboy?

did anyone ever play any of the gameboys and if u did what version(s) did u play?

if u did have one, what games did u play?

I had a few gameboy advances, I had to kkep getting a new one every so often becuase when I was younger, I would shove the cartridge in too hard and would break the prongs that attached the game.

the only games that i really got into were the Pokemon games, I used to play those for hours and hours on end, only stopping to get food or go to the washroom.

I also played some Dragonball Z collectible card game game and spme Mario Kart for the Gameboy advance, I think it was Mario Kart Super Circuit or something like that

anyways I've gone on enough, tell me about hyour experiences with any gameboys
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