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OnLive Pricing Details Out

Yes OnLive, the live-streaming game service has revealed their pricing structure and to say they have lost their minds is an understatement. Now just as a quick refresher, OnLive's idea is instead of having to buy a an expensive PC and then spend money updating it, you buy a small hardware device, hook it up to your TV and the games are streamed to you over the Internet and rendered by farms of computers owned by OnLive. Sounds like a decent concept on paper but of course lag due to Internet connections was already an issue and now with the pricing details, one has to wonder, who is going to go for this.

For you see OnLive doesn't just charge you a monthly fee, it also charges a cost to gain access to specific games as well and most of the prices are the same as retail stores prices for disc games (assuming you don't find a bargain somewhere). A few examples include:

Assassin?s Creed II - $39.99
Just Cause 2 - $49.99
Red Faction: Guerrilla - $19.99
Tom Clancy?s Splinter Cell: Conviction - $59.99

And that's not it, OnLive also can remove games from their servers as well so even after you paid for Assassins Creed II, if they decide at a certain point to stop carrying the game, you lose it (right now the earliest they will disappear is 2013) after paying full price for it.

In other words unless they have some major changes to announce after they see how there inevitable results turn out I don't think they will be lasting long in their market.
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