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Kinda makes sense that we would get Assassins Creed while xbox gets Splinter cell haha. However even Epic Games (the guys behind Gears of War) made UT3 timed exclusive, and even added more content and features to the PS3 version of the game.

yea i knwo it wasnt we dont want Xbox to have it when Sony bought them but i mean they still bought them and they were just releasing games only on the Playstation anyways right?
Yeah but it was free will, then they needed some money when Crash started going downhill. In no way were they harming xbox (or sega for this time period) because the games were never going to xbox to begin with. Same deal if Sony somehow bought Insomniac right now, Insomniac openly said "we will develope for the better console" and chose the PlayStation everytime. Of course i believe Sony owns rights to their current games (Resistance, Ratchet, and the secret game) but still, xbox never saw those games EVER so its not harming them. Let alone the PS3 doesnt restrict any third party games at all, so there shouldnt be a problem with free will and sony doesnt need to pay them off to get the games.
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