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The thing is...separate the damn data from the rest of the stuff. It isn't hard to make a secure login. Credit cards and what not are a bit more touchy. However we dont need EVERYTHING back up at once. Give us the chance to get online and play games and everyone will be fine.

Not only that but how hard is it to allow people to log into your sites? Have PR guys commenting in the communities...and keeping people up to date with day to day procedures? I wasn't mad until I thought of this...You think "oh then they have to pay them" and no, they are PR. They get paid to work from 6 to 2 everyday to ANSWER QUESTIONS, am I wrong to assume theyd actually do their job?

I respect Sony and I know its tough but this "cant meet deadlines" crap is starting to get annoying. They can't launch consoles on time, cant release updates on time, and now PSN has no "official return date" surprised their games actually make it out the door when stated...Last year they didn't even seem prepared for E3, cutting out major assets like Kojima and Insomniac and look how happy they were after that. It's unprofessional and its going to hurt them eventually. Especially PSN...their name gets tarnished even more with everyday its out, people get mad.

look at me, was completely fine the first week and now im ticked.
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