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Originally Posted by Az1zam View Post
I joined because started following me on Twitter, then I started following them. I noticed they kept on top of Playstation 3 News and I felt for visiting the site and began reading reviews and news.

What made me register was my thirst for adding new themes I could not find on PSN, but in the end I figured that the themes did not work at all. My PS3 could not recognize them, so that was a waste.

But here I am, posting, trying to discuss everything that has to do with the PS3, I want to get involved.

I wouldn't mind getting my hands on that red PS3, as it is just beautiful in my opinion, as well as the red controller which comes along with it. Red and black are my favorite colors, good thing I've got a black PS3, now I just need a red one. :)
lol well at least someone else admits that the red PS3 is at least in their thoughts
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