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Originally Posted by Nikhil View Post
I tried the demo, but it was too difficult for me, even on easy :/ I beat the train section, but kept getting overwhelmed when trying to clear out the water tank. I figure it's not worth 60 bucks if I can't even beat the demo.
Well, you can't just run in and beat up on the guys - you've gotta use a little strategy. Try picking off one or two from long distance, then taking out the others from behind cover. Shockwaving them off of a roof helps a lot, too.

I love this game, and while I didn't have too many problems with the inFamous demo, I do like the challenge - once you really get the controls down, it really makes you feel like a badass when you pull off some skills.

Besides, who'd want to only buy games that they knew were easy to beat? That's what Blockbuster is for. :)
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