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I did bring up this issue previously, but basically what happens is by default Firefox uses Google's malware/bad website servers which are updated by Google when they scan websites for malware/bad websites. So whenever you visit a page in Firefox, it's checked against Google's servers to see if Google thinks there's a problem with the page. If it does, you get the warning you've been seeing. If you just want to shut that error up, using IE is an option or you can turn off this feature in Firefox by going to the Tools Menu, then select Options. Once the Options menu opens, choose Security, and then uncheck the Block Reported Attack Sites option. This disables the Google security check and you can browser the forums without seeing the alert. Keep in mind though, turning off this protection does open you to other threats since then nothing is being checked.

As to why this would happen is really a fault of the system Google employs, for if a website is subject to an attack or even ads that are malicious, neither at the fault of the website itself and Google happens to scan the website at that bad moment, it gets blacklisted by Google and often it takes quite a bit of effort to get whitelisted by Google, even after correcting any issues.
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