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I've had Mac's and PC's.

There are several differences, Ill lay it out as briefly and to the point as I can.

-PC's benefit from being compatible with a wide array of parts
The downside being that they do not always work together harmoniously

-Mac's benefit from all their parts being designed to work as a whole in harmony
The downside being that upgrading your mac is a more involved process

-PC's benefit from being the target of most software developers
The downside being that it also became the target of most spyware and virus developers

-Mac's have the luxury of being able to run windows natively via bootcamp and
parallels, allowing mac owners to run windows apps and games
No perceivable downside to this

-Installing and removing apps on a Mac is a much more streamlined process than on a PC

-Windows is generally a more tweakable operating system than OSX allowing more
flexibility in some areas but also running the risk of instability.

-A PC is generally a more affordable and powerful system than a Mac
in regards to entry level machines.As you journey into more powerful
machines Mac's are generally still more expensive but the price difference is
less pronounced.

I've owned a Mac since about august and I personally prefer it owning a PC.
I've yet to have to do a involuntary hard reset of the system for any reason and it's
Snow Leopard has proven to be pretty unshakable in terms of performance.

I have windows installed on a VM for the times I need it but thats generally far and few

On a purely aesthetic plane, the mac is just a elegant machine.

iMac 27"
Intel Quad Core i7
12GB Ram
2TB Internal + 2TB External Hard Disks

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