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it is sad, but i also dont think its a bad as its being made out..

I mean the psp(not the Go) has still shown growth after being hacked for years, the iphone has been hacked and still shows growth, the 360 has been hacked since the 1st year of release and is still having growth(although being out done by the ps3 in many countries now) and the ps3 has only just been fully hacked.. if anything i think sony deserve praise, its taken a long time.

Also i heard that the most recent key obtained was hardware encoded and cannot be changed via software, sony would have to change this but it would mean all previous models were still hackable, although if they try to use PSN it would/will be detectable like you said.

It happens though, im pretty sure it wont be as bad as it seems although i do understand there will be alot of loss for many people as there always is with piracy.
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