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Originally Posted by Dustin S. View Post
Its sad. The guys are only hurting the real consumers, and they honestly dont seem to care at all.

People that are clueless think the only people that will suffer are Sony, but thats not the case. Developers, consumers, and everyone involved will suffer.

Luckily this can be fixed. They say it cant be but there are plenty of ways around it. Its a security key, sony can change how its accessed etc...its not like a MAC address. Sony can force updates on new game discs, and new security features in blu ray and the hard drive etc...Sony can also just simply ban anyone with an altered security key, which I hope happens either way.
Yes it's definitely possible to protect future games, but games that are already available are definitely susceptible to being hacked easily. Even in future firmwares, they would have to allow the old key, in case someone actually bought an older game and it didn't work, so it would be a major issue. I still think they can stop it to some extent, just like PSP hacking.
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