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A New Wii Accessory You Might Want

We've all seen them, in your local EB Games/GameStop, Wal-Mart, etc. those plastic shells for the Wiimote that look so cheap, so ridiculous and do nothing except make the Wiimote look different. Well one Chinese company has made something different.

They have actually created a 1:1 model of an MP5 as a Wiimote, and I really mean as a Wiimote since the actual remote, nunchuk and even Wii MotionPlus integrated right into the fake gun, it's not just a shell. It also rumbles has a speaker just like the Wiimote and even recharges using a USB connection. Apparently the company producing it wants to bring it to the US, but I somehow get the feeling they will probably have to make the whole thing orange to do so. But who knows maybe soon you'll be able to use your own MP5 Wiimote while playing Modern Warfare for the Wii.

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