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best way to beat riot shielders, shot at there feet, and if they are crouching jump up and shoot down.. also they expect you to flee or waste your ammo and then charge you.. another good thing to do is charge at them without firing ok you may get hit but it takes 2 to kill you so charge them then sprint/jump to the side of em and knife :D

and @genk yeah thermal is WAY to easy.. also if your looking for a clan me and a buddy of mine from the US are starting a little clan, just us 2 at the moment though -_- but we plan on re-practicing with snipers etc like we did in cod4 :D his internet has been temp suspended though because he got hacked lol so its kinda actually only me right now but yeah the offers there :P

@jordan yeah quick scoping/no-scoping is super enjoyable! i cant really grasp it like i did in cod 4 though, my no-scopes barely make contact in mw2 :( lol
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