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Well Apple is good at one thing, marketing. they have the slightest idea about anything and they market the hell out of it until it begins to sell. They could market a peice of poop and get thousands of people to buy it.

Zune has been doing the App thing for quite sometime. It isnt as robust as the app store no, but it was there first. People are making games, apps, or just stupid little things they can think of. ITs also using Visual Studio so the coding language is alot easier to learn and handle. I havent personally used the Iphone app thing so i dont know how they code those so i cant really say im a ood jude on that. However I believe if MS follows suite by marketing the zune correctly and having further support for Zune apps (hell if its running that OS its 50 miles ahead already) then it can give ipod a run for its money. Its funny because its the same boat as Sony and the PS3, you have this stuff, but they dont market it correctly to challenge the leader.

Still Ipod is namebrand and its not going away anytime soon.
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