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Well after being delisted again, this guy has started another auction to try and "comply" with what the auction was removed for. Price is still at $1,100,000 and no bids have been received, what a surprise.

EDIT: Since when I posted this update, the auction ended with no bidders, no surprise, what's even more unsurprising, it's been listed again and as of this time no bidders again. Even better, we now know the system comes with absolutely no cables, warranty and he refuses to change the fact he still wants $15 for shipping.

Further EDIT: Since the last update in case any one is wondering again his auction closed with no bidders, he has once again listed the console, still at the same price and still refusing to include shipping or any other games or accessories.
Some say he has a long signature and long posts, all we know is he's called X_Racer1.

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