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Well for me, I only had a NES and a Gameboy Colour so I pretty much skipped everything Nintendo released for the 64 although I did have one friend who owned one and I played it a few times but I just couldn't get into it, Diddy Kong Racing and everything else just felt inferior to the first console I ever bought, the PlayStation 1 which pretty much sealed my fate as a Sony exclusive person although I did consider a Game Boy Micro but after buying it and trying it for just an hour it went straight back since it couldn't play Game Boy Colour games which was important to me back then as I had over 15 games (although 4 of those were Pokemon) and Nintendo never saw another gaming $ from me. Did I miss out on anything, other than Goldeneye I never saw much on the N64 that seemed good, I never was a fan of Mario, Zelda or any of the other major Nintendo series and cartridges really killed anything expansive. If Nintendo hadn't used cartridges, they probably would have done much better that generation and possibly the console wars could have turned out much differently.
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