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Microsoft Must Be Getting Scared

Thanks to Kotaku, we now know that Microsoft is releasing a new 250GB Modern Warfare 2 special edition 360 to take over the old Elite's price point, the new name for this console, the Super Elite. Even better thing is Microsoft also announced they are refusing to sell the new 250GB hard drive separately, just to add further insult to current owners, or to keep their current hard drive prices at their very inflated prices. To me this new model just seems to be another reaction to the supposed 250GB PlayStation 3 slim on it's way since they can't possibly let Sony beat them in the storage department.

EDIT: Turns out after checking out Kotaku today, Microsoft has now decided to throw out another 250GB console bundle, a Forza 3 bundle, unlike the Modern Warfare 2 bundle though, this bundle will simply feature a plain, white XBOX 360 and a copy of Forza 3, so far only announced for the Euro market it should retail for ?249.99 or around $411 US.

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