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Ah the Leafs, how I despise them, even worse, my sister and father are both Leafs fan so whenever hockey comes out, there's always an excuse as to why the Leafs aren't winning and why the Senators suck. But most of the time I just have to bring up the fact that in 42 seasons, the Leafs haven't even made it to the Stanley Cup Finals, let alone actually win the cup. At least the LA Kings and the St. Louis Blues, both not having won the Stanley Cup in 42 years (same as Toronto), have at least made it once each to the finals in those 42 years.

In terms of sports I can't stand, probably American football and wrestling/UFC/pretty much anything fighting related. Football I can't for the life of me understand, and that's with having two major football fans in the family, let alone find the enjoyment in watching. Wrestling/UFC and other related sports I can't stand just because I don't see the point, to me it seems rather pathetic to pay to watch two guys beat up on each other for no reason other than entertainment. At least in hockey when fights break out it's usually for good reason.
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