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Just got my little brother one of the new 360''s. I will say the thing is friggin loud as heck, its like PS3 in high gear. Other than that its a 360, not really anything new.

As for sell or not, I wouldn't sell it to a game store. Sell it on craigslist or ebay with a game or two and get a hundred or so for it. gamestop and such will only give you 50 to 80 for an old version.

If your just gonna end up buying it again, id say keep it. The new slims are not really worth it in my opinion unless you dont own a 360 already. To me its not really a big step like the PS3 slim was. If your not going to be returning to 360 then yeah sell it and get some money for PS3 games and accesories. MS is really focused on Kinect for some reasons and the only games coming to that are casual games, unlike Move where sony is trying to incorperate more hardcore based titles.
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