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Firefox 4 Released

Yes as of today, Firefox 4 has been released to the general public and I must say it's a great browser. Haven't had any major issues on websites and I've been using the beta versions of 4 for quite awhile now.

Also Firefox 4 brings in the new look with tabs on top and it allows you to preview individual tabs in Windows 7. Oh and for anyone wondering why it says Minefield, it's because while I do have Firefox 4 installed, I regularly run the Minefield x64 nightly builds (but they look and work exactly the same) as it's a 64-bit browser.

Anyway if you want to install Firefox 4, it's available for download from Mozilla here.

Also for anyone who wants to use a 64-bit version of Firefox, the Minefield x64 nightly builds are available from Mozilla here. Do keep in mind though, the x64 build requires 64-bit versions of your plugins (Flash (beta) and Java (stable) do exist, Silverlight doesn't) and a 64-bit version of your operating system.
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