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Originally Posted by the_serious_gamer

be extremely careful cause I wasnt and thus created a huge problem for myself when I broke the cable that is in between the base of the system to the the eject/reset buttons. Until I get one of those cables and figure out how to get the last two screws out of the system so I can open it i am screwed, I opened the system at first, but had to close it because i didnt want my parents to see ps2 parts lying on the floor. I mean how would you act if you saw your kids (when you have kids of course) $300 system in pieces. I certainly would be happy. Anyways when i closed it i must have tightened the screw too much and therefore can not open it again. i am thinking of using a drill to open it. If I were use a phillips bit for it and use the drill in a reverse motion which is used to loosen a screw i might be able to get the screw out. The only problem is I am kind of scared to do this, because i meant damage something else when drilling.
don't worry, even by using force on the screws wont break anything "vital" in there, the worst that can break is the "screw towers (i don't know how to say it, you'll figure it out when opened)"

and ninjasimon, it is dust that make it dirty, use some coton (Q-tips) with alcool to clean it, then dry it totally, it should work afterwards, and if you have a spare make-up brush, clean the PS2 totallt, it's never bad to get it cleaned up
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