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Also noting that you shouldnt spend alot more on N cards either. While its faster, there isnt a service provider in the US that can fullfill that speed just yet. If your in a Comcast area etc...your WAY behind in network speeds, but other places like here with COX its starting to get there but isn't there just yet, will be in a year or two.

Basically Wireless N is for this. You have 6 computers running, 6 web browsers, 3 or 4 just browsing network files, and 2 others printing etc...All this is communicating with a router, thus bandwith stacks up and the router starts to slow down. The high speeds and bandwith of N allow it to still out perform lower brand models as its more efficent and faster. Also explains why college campus' use N instead of G.

Also if Netgear isn't provided, and the ones X Racer provided, are not availible. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Linksys brand routers. Companies they own and happen to slap their name on are fine, but if its a Linksys router dont buy it. They suck, they are terrible, i hate them, never will buy one of those again.
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