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Problem is it's a laptop, most replacement Ethernet cards are PCI, PCI Express or some other desktop PC standard. In fact on Newegg I could only find two USB based ones and then you're speed is limited to the bandwidth of the USB interface so your net gain in speed would be nothing.

To me that leaves only a few possibilities, one your wired card built into your laptop is failing/damaged and since that's part of the motherboard it ain't cheap to get fixed, two you got some Lenovo ****ware connection manager that isn't helping your speeds or three you got some malware on your PC that's consuming part of your network connection. Although I have to ask where are you experiencing connection issues, is it you get slow speeds in a lab at your university, at home, etc and is it all the time, like if you take your laptop different places, you still experience slow speeds.

EDIT: Wireless is fine as long as you get a good card and have a good network behind it (so at home have a good ISP (i.e TekSavvy) and a good router and at school, your school has decent networking equipment. Oh and I again must second Dustin, don't buy Linksys. Anyone I know who uses Linksys hates their equipment meanwhile I laugh while my D-Link WBR-2310 router acts as a perfect switch for my cable modem in my apartment and my D-Link DIR-628 router powers 3 computers, my new HP wireless printer and an XBOX 360 back at home on sucky Bell Internet access.
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