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Connection managers you can uninstall and then subsequently you just use the Windows one (they will appear somewhere in your Installed Programs list), most of the time this does help with issues (it's why in the upgrade to Windows 7 for my machine, I went for absolute clean install, no HP software included). For that matter, most of the software you get from an OEM is useless or worse than the original Windows solution and is just unnecessary bloat on your system and although I don't know your system specs, I imagine if it's a computer your school forced you to buy, I don't imagine your computer is going to be fantastic.

EDIT: Uninstall is the safer function to take out the connection manager as stopping a service isn't nearly as simple, although you don't need to use a CMD for it, it XP, Vista and 7 you can disable startup services by running msconfig from a RUN command or simply install CCleaner and go to Tools then Startup (example below, disabled startup services are greyed out):

In my case, I disabled Windows Live Messenger from running at startup along with a few other programs.
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