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My Antivirus is acting funny.

Hey, I got AVG free edition, and it doesn't stop telling me there's viruses everytime i'm in the forum, I'm pretty sure there not viruses, but I'm just wondering why the hell is it acting like that. The viruses are always located in my temporary internet folder, so I know it has to do with what the forum is putting on my computer to work. The filename are the following: forumdisplay[1].htm and usercp[1].htm

It's really getting annoying, cause everytime I go on the forum, it pops up that threat detection alert, and I mean, every single page from the forum pops up a virus alert.

I don't think you guys can do anything about it cause it's part of your html, I guess I just have to keep igonring this ****. I'm just wondering if anyone else got that problem?
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