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My Newer Gaming Setup

Well long time forum members might remember that I haven't exactly been giving my PlayStation 3 a fair TV to play on, in fact I went backwards at one point, first starting off with a 20 inch CRT flat tube:

And then going to a 20 inch CRT traditional curved tube:

Well granted I've had my new setup for over a month, I just kind of forgot about posting it but finally I gave my PlayStation 3 and laptop in the process an upgrade and bought an ASUS VW246H 24 inch HDMI enabled monitor. Also included in the upgrade was a new 7-port USB hub, my Logitech X-540 is now attached to my PS3 again, an upgrade in Internet speed with a new Rogers cable modem using my old WBR-2310 D-Link router to create a small home network and a new storage unit for my PS3 game collection.

All in all, I love the upgrade, even though the monitor is only 4 inches larger, it's widescreen with full 1080P resolution, something my poor PS3 never experienced till now although I will say it's not my final setup for the next 5 years or so. I do plan to later on buy an LED backlit TV, preferably 40-42 inches in size and relegate this monitor to just being used by my laptop or desktop (if I decide to build one).
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