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Lol. When I played MW2 the first thing I played was the story mode. I was like ''Wow, worst $60 on a game I have EVER spent.'' Then I tried the multiplayer and wasn't really that ''wowed'' for the simple fact that its the same thing. I thought of MW2 as an unfinished game with a terrible story line. Killzone 2 had the good story and the great multiplayer. And the only thing people ever bxtched about were the crappy controls. But now that they added in control customization in Killzone 3, the game will be perfect. Not only will it bring the PS3 sales up, but it will probably set extremely high standards for other developers. I wouldn't be surprised if it completely overshadows Uncharted 2. But as I said before, when Killzone 3 comes out, the fanboy war will escalate to levels never experienced before. ''Halo Reach kicks Killzone 3's ass!'' etc. The only reason I even slightly doubt that is because Halo never even had a good story. Nonetheless, Killzone 3's graphics will be unmatched and this is completely irrelevant but maybe we'll even see a Little Big Planet 2 somewhere in the future. Or maybe someone will overhear Sony executives talking about it. It could happen. It happened last time ;)
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