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"PlayStation" is poison

In the gaming world you have your typical idiots, Jack Thompson, Hilary Clinton, Gabe Newell and some others. Now we have another to add to the list, recently on his weekly TV-Radio Show, Hugo Chavez (leader of Venezuela) was quoted saying "Those games they call 'PlayStation' are poison. Some games teach you to kill. They once put my face on a game, 'you've got to find Chavez to kill him'." Now granted Chavez basically is echoing what Jack Thompson is saying, maybe even to a lesser extent as he did say not all games are bad, "educational games" are apparently fine but games that involve violence, drugs, alcohol, the typical stuff people whine about are bad.

Personally I love him just calling out PlayStation, out of all the large video game names he picks PlayStation and although we have our fair share of mature titles it's not like other platforms don't, hence why this is a general multi-platform thread since denouncing these games affects all platforms.
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