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I've had my Zune 80GB for almost a year now and it's definitely one great machine, it's not bulky like a PSP, doesn't run out of space like my PSP does, although that one is partially my fault since I only have a 1GB Memory Stick but I never have seen an excuse to buy a larger one, and it definitely has great sound quality, plus the screen on it can't be beat by the iPod. Plus the Zune software I find is easier to use and doesn't bundle all the Apple crapware that Apple installs alongside iTunes or tries to get you to install with every update to iTunes or blue screens my home PC if you leave the iPod plugged into it when you restart the system. As a note Apple, when I install something I don't expect it to install 3 unnecessary programs and be constantly reminded to download a browser I don't want and is terrible, thank god that's on my home PC and is for my sisters iPod, my laptop is Apple free and runs better because of it. Back to the Zune though, having the radio is definitely a plus as sometimes you want to hear the local news on the go or hear some new tunes and Zune lets you do it along with some fine games to play while you listen. Am I going to buy a Zune HD, probably not as there are no HD radio stations around me, the games on it currently are fine and I can download more if I want and my Zune is perfectly fine for my needs.

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