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Originally Posted by TonySoprano View Post
It's the whole "build your own level" thing that's going to make this game a massive success. People love user-created content, and that's really the focus of this game, far more than the levels it comes packed with.

I want to be able to go on the PS Network and start re-creating old school NES games, Sackboy style! Not an original idea, I'm sure, but that's OK. I'm sure people are going to end up trying to do that with just about every game ever created. Then again, how much fun would it be to play some sort of Sackboy version of Metroid or something?

This is a Day One purchase for me.
I couldnt agree more as far as the "build your own level" goes. And the fact that people can play other levels people have made. Im all about this game just because of the online world its going to have.

lol Man, your going back with "Metroid" I agree though. It would be cool
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