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I really am sick of people complaining of the PS2 failure rate which is about what less than 20% unlike the 360's 33%!!!!!!!MS screwed up royally there.
I said this so many times i sick of typing it if you get a faulty unit it probably just a batch like the ones in Canada with the high pitched squeak they came with.I still using my LAUNCH PS2 and it works fine same as all my friends who have a PS2 if they replaced it it was a trade-in for the PS2Slimline version.
And Matt is right PS3 failure less than 1% well probably less than 0.5% and it is a tank i can't see it breaking and it wont IF 1.You treat it right. 2.Have faith and say it won't break its a Playstation they don't like all Sony products they're built to last.
If yours fails your extreamly unlucky and just phone Sony customer services they send you new one with the click of a button...god they must get bored must be like a call every month in that place unlucky people.
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