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Well let's see. Do you remember way back in '04 when Florida got hit by like 4 hurricanes and then in '05 by another 2. Also Katrina. At this time in 04-05 I was living in Tallahasse, FL where I met my current fiance (she's a FSU grad). After getting her Masters she took a job in Pensacola, FL and I stayed in Tally Ho! Which is about 2hrs directly east of Pensacola. We commuted for the 05 summer back and forth to see each other but soon got tired of that. So I decided to move to Pensacola and move in with her but we soon realized that we didn't like Pensacola that much. It was still a mess from all the Hurricanes (I left in 07 and people still had blue tarps on their roofs.) and didn's show signs of any quick turn arounds. Plus all her family lives in PA and Michigan. So late in '06 we decided to move from Pensacola and I had been in contact with a company that was headquartered in the DC area and it seemed like the perfect fit at the time. But hey you can't be right all the time.
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