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Readability on articles

I'm always reading PS3Center through Google Reader and Twitter, and I really like the site, but whenever I have to read an article on the website I have to struggle.

The font size on the articles is a bit small, but the real problem is the distance between lines of text which is too tight. Lines should be farther apart so we don't keep misreading the text going through the same line more than once thinking you're actually reading a new one.

Also, whenever there is a link inside an article, the font size of that link is smaller than the surrounding text and it is set on red, which makes it much harder to read - black and read don't have the greatest contrast, you know?

You can see a perfect example of what I'm saying, below.

Also, I would have expected to find an e-mail address somewhere so I could write about this but instead I had to register into a forum I'll never use again.
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