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Exactly even Nazi Zombies had the right formula to it. I dont see how a game dedicated to that same motive can fail so miserbly at achieving it.

And I was playing it with friends. At first everyone was semi excited and begining to have fun, then everyone was yawning and just trying to get to the next step like it was a chore. We turn on COD and people are screaming at each other and actually enjoying themselves.

as for "whats wrong with Valve"
-Their lack of skills to actually develop a decent game, let alone a title on the PS3.
-The only "creative" asset that they have ever made is Portal
-Their "owner" is a jackass to everyone. When EA steps in to help with porting titles, they turn their backs midway and say EA sucks at their job when in reality it was all their own fault for not helping with a patch or source code.

Its companies like Valve that will make it impossible for the game industry to ever have the same respect as other industries. What other company acts like a bunch of children complaining about another console? You never see a Sony first party do that gets as far as "it cant run on 360 because of this" and the story ends.

You could say companies like ID software have said the same thing about the complications, but at least when someone steps in to help they approve of it and do what they can.
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