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I don't know why I didn't see it but I will agree with u bringing up old threads is not something everyone should do because it can be annoying seeing old threads come up but its not something that happens a lot here so its not that big of a deal and I wasn't doing this to increase my post count if thats what u were suggesting with the reference to the video, I just wanted to say that Dustin was making a valid statement and made perfect sense in his post that I agreed with but there hasn't really been any "recent" threads in the PSP section but I will try not to bring up old threads again if thats what you're so mad about(I normally don't go past the 1st half of the 1st page of threads anyways, I just get tired of looking through threads after that amount), I think the only reason why I missed this thread is because since theres normally not much activity in the PSP section, I don't normally check that section but I was gonna post a thread yesterday then I saw this thread and decided to check since it was only 2 months, I decided it wasn't really all that old, still old just not very old
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