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Originally Posted by Papa Smurf View Post
do i have wha?? nah man ps3 all day everyday since lauch matter fact. F 360 werd up
ya f*** 360 I don't have one either (and never will) PS 3 all day, can't go wrong with that man

Originally Posted by Kaiboy12 View Post
All of my friend's 360s have died, so I don't want to risk wasting my money.
thats why I didn't get one when they first came out, I was so afraid that if I got one, it would RROD on me to, so I just thought it was nowhere near worth it and I waited for a while ( a long while) , I got a job, and then 2 months ago I bought a PS3

Overall the wait was definitely worth it and I'm glad I waited for PS3 ( a lot of my friends with 360s have tried to convert me, but it's nowhere near worth it)

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