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Lol. I read the article. I don't really believe that Halo Reach will live up to the hype. When it gets a good story, I'll download it on my PC for the low cost of free. Either way, how can they possibly be talking about Halo Reach when Killzone 3 is already in production?

I especially loved the comment ''This game will be better than any Killzone.'' I personally have never really enjoyed any Halo games. The story was just too poor. Just like CoD. Fantastic Multiplayer but a bad story. Thats what I enjoyed about Killzone so much. The Multiplayer was great, and the story was pretty good. If this is Bunji's last run (I HIGHLY DOUBT IT) then best of luck to them. But they couldn't have chosen a worst time to release Reach. With Sony most likely having a Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 conference, and the current height of the Console War, Reach will surely get a ton of BS from Sony fans. But as I said, best of luck to them.
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