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Official PlayStation App

You have an Android or iOS device, well then PlayStation has good news for you, an Official PlayStation app is headed to Android and iOS devices. The app will be free on both platforms and will give you the ability to look at your trophies/trophy score, keep up to date with your PSN friends, read the latest updates from the PlayStation Blog and share products/news with the people you know on Twitter and Facebook.

The bad news, the first versions of these apps will only be available in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands, although apparently Sony is looking to expand into other SCEE territories ASAP and I imagine SCEA will come afterwards if they don't already have plans for this yet and just haven't announced them.

Oh and there's no official release date yet, even for the countries that are getting the app initially, just a promise of "very soon" and you'll need a phone with iOS 4 and above or Android 1.6 or higher.
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