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Originally Posted by xboxrules View Post
What happens to Uncharted 2 once you get all the trophies? It gets boring and you dont want to play it again. Now lets see what happens in Mass Effect 2. Oh! Multiple endings with one e veryone dying. Its funny to compare an Rpg game with an adventure game be cause Rpg will always have the best replayability. I must ask how many of you fanboys have actually played Mass Effe ct 2.
I myself have both systems and i played through Uncharted 2 and it was only "eye opening" in the famouse train scene, Now when i slipped in the disc for Mass Effect 2 i knew what to expect from the first game....or so i thought. the mere beggining of the game blew me. and my character away. I thought i knew what to expect! haha. But my point is that it doesnt matter if its on the pc or not. Ps3 fannboys only say that because they wish it was on the ps3.
You all know its true. So i am glad to say that Mass Effect 2 easily takes the crown away from the so called "game of the year" that ign has so gracioulsy has given the title just because Mass Effect 2 wasnt even out yet. So quit your whining already. but all the unbiased ps3 owners. Try to reaso no with the unreasonable ones please
okay I disagree that people with PS3s wish that Mass Effect 2 was on the PS3.
I could really care less about it and I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't really care about it either
and Uncharted 2 has multiplayer, so it doesn't get boring after you get the platinum trophy.
we're not whining, the point of the thread was to compare them, not to "whine" like you does matter if it's on the pc because that will give it more sales than a game that's just on one console.
we're not just being fanboys and we're not being reasonable.
judging by your username, you're the fanboy here
Go Montreal Canadiens

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