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Well EA isn't shutting them down, but it's getting pretty nasty, I'm sure their moderators are working overtime today trying to delete threads as quickly as possible but a lot of people are bringing up a single point, even threads showing support for EA's supposed actions are being deleted and no response has come from EA yet, so it begs to question how much is EA trying to hide, do they really think their own forums are where it's all at, it's something that has spread and at this point a response no matter what it is might actually help control things even though I seriously doubt the CEO is going to come forward and say, we are at fault here.

Here's the better part, I don't know if EA is controlling Google News at this point or if many website just don't know but if you search EA under Google News, nothing comes up about this "rumor", the biggest EA news there is Maxis has fired staff and FIFA has lost to PES.
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