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Help...360 outputing static sound.

Well, I've got one for you guys.
Back in November Samsung replaced my 2007 plasma with a 2009 model #PN50B860. Now I never had issues with my 360 (hooked up with component cables from MS) with my previous tv but recently I have noticed something. Upon firing up the 360 but after the title screen the sound suddenly goes static like someone saying shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! very loud for several seconds then stops then does it again and sometimes there are loud pops in between as well. It continues this intermittently and never seems to stop which forces me to turn off the 360. I've tried changing my settings (currently set to digital stereo) in the console settings and I've even disconnected the 360 from my surround sound system and went directly to the tv. Still no luck. Now I think back in November I did play some ODST for maybe one sitting but haven't really fired it up since then. Now I will tell you this I don't have any issues with my satellite (HDMI) or PS3 (HDMI). I even tried the 360 VGA cables and still no luck.

Does anybody have any ideas?
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