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the ps2 will always sell well due to its huge library of games that it has (1000+) and will always be selling even throe the hi def gaming console wars.

As for that, Microsoft releasing a Natal version of the 360 ain't going to put it higher than the ps3 due to its fundamental flaw in its architecture and construction. if Microsoft is to compete with Sony, the best thing is to make a more powerful system (obviously) with greater developer support than Sony had with the release of its system.

the only problem is that Microsoft had lost the HDDVD/Blu-ray war and would need to look for something equivalent to Blu-ray because and 18gb dual layer HDDVD ain't going to cut it anymore. i think that that is what Microsoft is researching right now along with their affiliates. After that, we could see the New XBOX come out in as little as a year after the discovery tho i think that the new disc would only known to developers and Microsoft.

then they would need to hit the market with a high end, low cost system that can rival Sony which is hard because it is know that Microsoft makes crappy software and hardware but is extremely well at marketing and selling its products for pennies on the Dollar. this would be Microsoft biggest challenge. that is why i am saying early 2011 to late 2011
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