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Originally Posted by Nicarlo View Post
your right about not having enough content online at the moment but i see it all changing. Id like to see Sony add the options of buying the hard copy as well and have them shipped to your address. Think about how much more money they would be able to make by doing that and how much more of a demand the game cards would be. Although i think it is unlikely for this to happen one can always dream
You know I was thinking almost the same thing, it would indeed boost sales. But they'd have to install some sort of infrastructure, or cooperated with some big delivery names, and I somehow don't see Sony doing that in the near future, what with the world economy going lower and lower.

Someone mentioned something about DLC, and I felt that i just had to let something out. DLC is borderline ridiculous. They are using microtransactions to SCREW YOU for content they ALREADY CODED into the game. DLC just lets you access them. Now I know this isn't true for alot of games out there, but look at Soul Calibur 4 or Guitar Hero. I mean, the code for that stuff is ALREADY there, it's already written in, it's not like they wrote up something new for you to buy and install. They just locked it at launch and charge you 3 months down the line claiming it's "new" content! And people do it!!! What a cash cow.
That's why these cash cards are around, to help this system along.

Oh and I totally agree that they will take off when Home is integrated. But how long will the trend last?
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