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I didn't play SoC or Ico on PS2 and I'm dying to play it re-mastered in HD for PS3. I one time I was even thinking of buying Ico on PS2 to play on my PS3 but it's like almost $200.

I think Dustin does have a point. If you look at GT5 and it's launch reception it didn't do very well. I think Poly will diffenently have to turn GT6 pretty quickly. The race genre changed/evolved during the development cycle GT5. People want to see real damage and how that effects performance. Not just pretty shiny cars all the time.

No back to Team Ico. The PS3 is going on 5years old this year in the US and this will be Team Ico's first game on the PS3 while other 1st party devs have cranked out 2 or 3 games. While I'm sure TLG will look great lets hope it doesn't fall short on expectations just like GT5 did. As we know gamers can take things personnally.

Another key here is on Sony not to drastically change the tech as they did from PS2 to PS3. If the NGP is a reflection of how Sony is looking into the future then I don't think devs will have such a steep learning curve as previously stated.
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