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Potential Modern Warfare 2 Boycott

Well we all know of some of the video game boycott's, the most recent being Left 4 Dead 2 for the fact it is coming out too soon and DLC for the first game will not be released, or at least that's what the boycott contends, well now Activision has one on their hands. According to Kotaku, Activision is raising the price of Modern Warfare 2 $10 for the PC version for a total price of $60 instead of the usual $50 price tag, Activision's explanation, "the weakness of world currency". Well it appears PC gamers aren't too happy and in a recent poll, 68% of people said they would refuse to buy the game at $60, some even going to the point of piracy. While I'm not a PC gamer, I can relate because recently games have been going up around here, instead of the standard $60 for new release console games, games are now $70 pretty much everywhere, my inFamous copy was a compromise at $65 and came from HMV as they were the only ones selling the game for less than $70. So what's your take, is Activision an evil game company doing it for greed or are they doing it for genuine reasons.
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