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Well I've used RealPlayer, long before it got to the state it is in now (which by almost any definition is crapware, I mean the BBC has a special agreement with Real just to have a version that isn't total crapware for use with the iPlayer), back when it was a popular format on the Internet, Netscape was something I used way back on my Windows 98 machine, Opera was adware I did know about but I sadly haven't used Windows 95, I'm still working on getting a copy of Windows 98 running in VirtualBox on my Windows 7 machine, then maybe Windows 3.1.

Although in Netscape's case they didn't help themselves, they were falling behind in performance and experienced a lot of bugs compared to IE, I mean yes Microsoft didn't help either but in those days the web was a different place and there was a effort to make IE your only choice back then because websites back then were coded sometimes to work only with specific browsers (I mean that still exists today, but to a much lesser extent, plus there is usually a workaround) plus IE was free with every machine, Netscape wasn't till 1998 and then getting a new browser wasn't as simple as it is today.
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