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Manhunt 2 Wii is a murder training device

Jack Thompson, that lawyer we love to hate just won?t quit, it?s hard to imagine how his family does not now loathe his very existence. He is on a crusade to put an end to gaming, especially violent gaming. On his list now is Manhunt 2 for the Wii. It doesn?t end there.

According to, he is also gunning for Super Smash Brothers 2 since it "encourages kids to beat and throw their friends out of the stage" oh yeah, that?s so violent? it?s so violent I can?t bear to watch people play it, turn it off, turn it off NOW! (of course, that?s sarcasm of the highest degree). Just think what will happen if your kid decides to do more than stab your TV with the Wiimote. They might think a white knife is the Wiimote and go off on a rampage, oh the horror!

But, Manhunt 2 on the Wii is slightly different, instead of pushing buttons on a controller like you would with the XBOX 360 or PS3, you are required to mimic stabbing motions with the Wiimote making the act of in-game killing, all the more real.

Dear old Jack isn?t satisfied with the M rating of the game and thinks it should be banned all together. Australia has seen some success in completely banning some of the Grand Theft Auto games but here in the US we like shooting, killing and destroying stuff in games, it?s what we like to play.

I?m not a fan of the Manhunt series nor I have I played it, I?ve seen demos but I won?t touch the game. It?s simply not my style because there is no point to what you do in the game, unlike in the WWII games or Halo series in which there is a point to your mass destruction.

Here?s hoping Jack Thompson gets exactly what he deserves, permanent disbarment in every single US state and Territory. The minute he manages to win a case is the day gaming as we know it dies. He cannot ever be successful. Let?s all make it our mission to make sure he isn?t. With practically the whole gaming industry against him and the Florida bar? and the Alabama bar, how could we possibly lose?
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